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ECT--electroconvulsive therapy



My depression although improved is still a predominant part of my life...Meds have not resolved it. ... So I elected to start ECT - had my first treatment on this past monday. I survived -- they put you under for this and give a muscle relaxant. I will do it 3 times a week for about 4 weeks. It leaves you very sore, as far as the muscles go... even had sore toe muscles ..LOL-------- Im still working , still seeing dan as often as I can ( now with the treatment). still surviving . I am OK- I feel this treatment is the right thing for me.... statistically it is safer than meds and more effective, but it is drastic. I can do drastic.


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My dear friend, I do hope this new treatment does something to resolve your issues without changing your outlook and attitude which I have always found so refreshing.  I know sometimes the medical profession turns to drastic solutions so just hope this is the right one for you.


(((hugs))) from Sue Down under. 

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You are brave and clinging on to hope. This works. It is not easy to get through but keep looking for some meaning to help you get on. This is a method that has helped so many so I hope you share more. there is so much stigma and fear so I hope yoou gather info to tell us.

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Nancy, I hope you can get some relief with this treatment.   I know you can do drastic, because you did it for years!     Even though Dan is in a center, I do believe you are still doing drastic in all you are doing and internalizing.    You may feel weak, but you are actually sooooo strong to have made it this far.   Keep looking forward to feeling better, you just need to be nice to yourself and realize how important you are.   Give yourself the same love and care you've always given others, you need someone (you) who is on your side and will work to make you feel better.

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Hello Nancy, great to hear from you.  I pray that  this treatment, works for you. Nancy , please keep in mind, that you are an amazning  caregiver, very strong, and so caring.  Stop been so hard on yourself, you are  wonderful for caring for Dan, Like Sandy said, take time to care for you. You deserve it.


You are in my Prayers


God Bless



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Im still status quo. Wish I had better , but now i just gotta continue the procedure 1X per week. I am on a 2 week break right now .Dan is doing well. no complaints . LOL 


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Nancy, you certainly are one brave lady, hope there is an improvement for you. Glad dan is doing well.  Hope your life gets both easier and better.

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well i have finished my ECT treatments-- 28 rt unilateral and 1 bilateral... it does affect memory, but that is improving. And by far it has been way more effective than any med. I continue to see Dan at the nursing home. But he currently has a bug of some type. He says he aches all over- with all the bugs going around I imagine thats what it will be....I miss him, I can see and touch this Dan, but it's just not the same. One would think after 5 years i would have adjusted, not me - i still long for my old life...

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You are a brave soul and I am so glad that  you have been seeing positive results.

On 3/12/2017 at 4:29 PM, nancyl said:

And by far it has been way more effective than any med.

I myself have had severe anxiety and panic disorder with some depression but it sounds like depression really bit hard for you. Depression and meds are quirky sometimes they just don't work so well...I am glad you have found and alternative and were brave enough to push on. Please keep us informed of your progress!

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It is over five years since Ray died,  I still long for that life,  bad as it was. There is no getting over some of our feelings, we just have to live with our own uncertainty and insecurity. 

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