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Continuing with ECT



Still doing ECT, It has helped me a great deal. I travel 100 miles 2x a week for this treatment. So it is time consuming and money consuming. But I sure do feel better. Not cured, but improved. We had Dan overnight at Aprils for 2 nights over thanksgiving. He so enjoyed himself. If he could have just been like this at home. woulda, shoulda, coulda..... not meant to be. He is well taken care of between the the nursing home staff and myself. He is a few of the staffs "favorite". He is also a few of the staffs least favorite. No surprise there...lol...

Bethany ( our youngest) got married the end of october. Her husband treats her like gold. for that I am so thankful.

Dan did have a fall in mid october at the nursing home. He recovered OK ,thankfully.

Dan and Weston have become the best of buddies. I am thankful for that. they throw lots of "ball". So life goes on. Slowly but surly.


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Life for you and me is made up of tiny steps towards wholeness.  I noticed that a long time ago.  No big changes just a slow turning back to what is right and good for us.

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Nancy: thank you for the update. You know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Good to know you are on the road to recovery. Debbie

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