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Pay 8700 month for staff to be ignorant




So Dan is private pay at a nursing home. I do about 80% of daily cares. The ONE time in the past 3 months I ask for nursing home to get him up and ready so he can be brought over to daughters they injure him. They put his AFO brace on wrong. It couldn't be seen how wrong because his sock covered it. He was telling me how bad his leg hurt, but ( pain in leg) thats common so I made him walk and the darn thing was pinching him the whole time. He finally wouldn't move so we sat him down and my daughter was like maybe something got inside the brace . unfolded his sock and seen the brace and his "pinch" mark. Now once the sock was not covering the brace one can clearly see it was on wrong. Im just having such a hard time fathoming anyone with any intelligence at all not seeing it was wrong. And if you can't figure it out ASK . Clearly the person who got him ready had not any experience with Dan. He wasn't wearing briefs, which I discovered upon the return to the nursing home, and his urinal was in the bathroom _ DIRTY-........ Now Im feeling guilty - like now he is actually getting hurt at the place that is paid a lot of money to care for him.....UURRGGHH frustrations . Yes I WILL BE TALKING TO THE ADMIN OF THE HOME.



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Oh my. Have you brought it up with the management? I mean , I would tell the brass in there and if need be complain to county. It makes you wonder how many other people they have hurt putting on braces or aides on other people.

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(((hugs))) all we can do is supervise the care our loved ones receive as much as we are able to. No guilty feelings my friend you have always done your best for Dan. 

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