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The Price Of A Nursing Home These Days



I was just reading the Sunday paper and noticed an article about the prices of nursing homes and places for seniors to live..... I couldn't afford a nursing home on what I get each month and I'm probably not alone so I will not show the prices they got in the article..... That is something for all seniors to think about that may have suffered a stroke like many of us here..... Especially if they don't own a home at this point in their lives......


I'm so glad I bought a home back years ago before I suffered this stroke and my wife wanting to retire from the bank business after she makes 70 years old in a few more years....... It's hard to say how many seniors will survive in the years ahead as many of the people in this city is military and many of them like myself are already retired but not many own their homes as they waited so long to buy..... Now many nice homes are very expensive in these sub divisions......


What is a family to do in the coming years ahead?????? Many of the seniors I know are not able to hold a job or they are already retired like myself...... :D


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You could pay for long term care insurance beforehand, or else you can hook up with Medicaid to foot the bills if you have very little money to start with.  It takes some research and lots of paperwork, but there are social workers out there that will guide you through.  


And what about your VA, ours has a nursing home there too.  Even a millionaire couldn't afford to pay for a nursing home nowadays!  Not for long anyway.

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Fred you have VA and could use that for even short term.

I was fortunate to get in the best part of town nearest my hospital medical offices. But I complain bloody because they are only as good as the people working there. Ijsay to all young. save retirement as soon as you work, but prices are not meant to private pay. The industry is full of this and that with disability. But at least in our country, we can at least find some resource for care when a person needs it. I hope someone does not have a story of an exception.


don't worry Fred you will live at home with wife just fine. Wife will have her putaways so she can get some in home help.


there is resources to get people out of the snf. I am looking around for that. I found a assisted home and got a waiver but have not found where I want to be.

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