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Out of context



Seeing people out of context with a visual impairment could lead to embarrassing moments or a good laugh.


While having my morning coffee and doing a little writing sitting in the coffee house to my left I hear this familiar voice hey how are you today so I had to turn my head to try to see who was talking to me and then Focus and she said it took awhile to realize who I was didn't it and I started laughing this is the counselor I've been seeing for over a year I don't think I've ever seen her in this Coffeehouse so out of context I have to laugh at it

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Jay that's not just stroke or necesarily anything to do with visual impairments. 

The one of those I'm most famous for happened over 10 years ago.  A friend I thought I knew quite well, knocked on the door when I was not expecting to see her and I had no idea who it was.  She was someone I did swim training with, and in an unepected place fully clothed with hair done and makeup on I was completely lost.  Thinking back I had only seen her in bathers or tracksuit and usually with wet hair and no makeup, even though we'd been training together twice weekly for about 9 months.

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