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Raining Sunday Blues



I was feeling isolated on a little lonely I was feeling isolated a little lonely I realized I need to take a look its own my own writing and then I thought to myself WWRS that is: what would Rachel say rachel is the counselor I have been seeing for just over a year and I know what she would tell me about my mini pitty party. She would say pull your big boy pants up and get over it. Said with compassion and empathy, but that's what I needed today.

that thought made me smile and laugh to myself.


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Jay, we all feel isolated and a little lonely from time to time.  Like me you thrive where there are people around but we have to have that time alone too to regenerate and re-energize.

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Jay,  you are such a caring person, but sometimes we need 'quiet time, or me time".  I love

going to the local school, and helping in the class room, media center, and listening to children reading. But some times I need that " me time". We need to relax, not think of anything, or having to keep a conversion going. Just be me, with my thoughs, and nothing to say, cause my mind needs a break. 


Take it easy Jay, enjoy your " break'.



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