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Wow humbled,blessed,and amazed



Yesterday the volunteer organization at the hospital decided to pay for my bus pass for the next 3 months wow it's not a lot of money but when you have no money it's huge.

Today when I stop for my morning coffee I threw my couple dollars and exact change on the counter and the barista said wait wait wait I thought maybe the prices gone up and he said nope I've got a note here that somebody's paid for your coffee for the next 5 days I truly do get by with a Little Help from My Friends.

My last employer company I was working for when they when I had my stroke is celebrating their 40th anniversary next week I got the invitation but they thought the tickets are 35 bucks a piece and I was really getting kind of depressed because I knew I couldn't go through Starbucks may as well be thirty-five hundred bucks I don't have the money I got a phone call today from a former coworker and she said I know you I noticed you didn't RSVP so I'm assuming you don't have the money and I said yes you're right she says what would you say if I told you I have a ticket for you and it's free I said I'll be there I am just so blessed.

I so wanted to get to the celebration dinner and now I can talk I didn't want to beg for money from anyone to get the tickets but my prayers were answered I've always asked God to take care of things for me things that are out of my control it's just really nice to have in two days three incredibly amazing things fall into my lap.


Actually I'm humbled and blessed I really do have some great friends I really do have some great friends.

Peace love and hugs.



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Sounds like you got more good things happening to you in the coming days and months so just enjoy your life doing what you like every day....

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Jay, it always amazes me when good things come my way.  Enjoy the gifts you have received, what comes around goes around and that also applies to the kindness you have shown to so many others.  Be blessed and be a blessing as you so often remind us. 

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Jay :


I so agree with Sue. what goes around comes around that applies to kindness, niceness you have shown to others in your life. I feel you are one deserving soul for all happiness in life.



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I got to say too that you suffered a stroke yet you are physically able to walk enough to catch the bus and go where you need to be whenever you want to so to me that is a very good thing you can do daily for weeks at a time and have been doing all along since your stroke...... Not many others here can say that.......  


Even in my case I can drive my SUV and haul my scooter to use in the places I go but I can't walk up/down steps or stairs where ever I go..... If there is a step up or down and hand railing to hold onto then I can use that..... Otherwise I'm stuck..... My main concern is siting down in most cases I have to make sure I can stand up after sitting down.... I could probably ride the bus if I could stand up to get off again since the seats are so low......


I just can't go by myself many places then get up after sitting down to wait until my name is called..... So I have to use my scooter and sometimes it is hard for me to get it out the SUV by myself with one hand.......

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Jay, it is wonderful to hear how you have been blessed. You deserver it, cause you are a blessing. Enjoy your dinner celecbration, and your coffee, that has been paid for  5days.


See, when you do good, the goodness comes back to you.


God bless



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Very great story that warms the heart. Things like this really help you see that there is good all around you. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is accept help. Jay enjoy your celebration dinner with your company and think of these moments as a pay it forward. You just happen to be in the receive seat for now...I know that those who really appreciate such things do good for others. What an uplifting story.

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