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Stroke, stroke it's been 12 years for me!!!!



Any of you ever get to that point in your life where you just get tired of being and feeling like you do since you had the stroke???? Well I have reached that point in my life after 12 years with this stroke....... Some of you may remember back in 2007 when I was a volunteer right here at Stroke Net for a year or so????? Well that seems like a long time ago now and I'm at that point in life where I just want to stay home and start reading books and see how much farther my body will heal from this stroke.....


I'm much older now and the stroke still got me tied up in what all I can do without much help from my wife or anyone else.... When I think back to 2004 when the stroke hit me hard I had to sell my bowling pro shop business inside a bowling center and retire since I couldn't run that kind of business with one hand standing on one leg and one side paralyzed I can't use..... I couldn't even bowl any more and that was my favorite thing to do with my life.....


My wife wants to work at the bank until she can't anymore so no telling how much longer that will be before she makes a decision to retire because she loves being in the banking business and being a supervisor/manager and has stated she wants to keep working for years to come.... She was in banking when I met her so that is fine with me since that is what she want in life and she is happy doing it..... Probably about eight more years and she will be ready to retire from banking business and draw her retirement I hope if not sooner..... Either way is fine with me it's her retirement she has worked for all these years since college long time ago.....


On the other hand I don't know how many more years I got on this earth but certainly it's not 75 more but God knows for sure..... He hasn't told me..... So I think I will just slow down take life as it comes everyday and pray daily...... :D I am at that point where my daily routines get boring and a lot of things I can't do because of my condition after the stroke..... I can hardly put food in the dish for the dogs to eat if my wife or my grand daughter forget to feed them before they all leave for school and work.....


Not having a lot of movement left in my body really makes a difference in what I can do or things I can reach up or down on the floor like the dog dish to feed them when they don't or forget to put their food down........ Anyway life is still good to me and I'm not complaining just I figured by now I would have made much more progress with the stroke than I have so far..... So I count myself as a survivor since the Lord left me here after the stroke..... I'm not complaining you all I'm just limited on what I can do 12 years out from the stroke when I thought I would be much farther along in the healing process....


Who knows what all is in store for me in this life?? All I can say so far is I'm still kicking just not high at all.... :roflmao: Life is good I can't complain.....


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Fred, we age and we ache and we cannot do all the things we used to do  BUT we still have some life left in us and need to make the most of it.  I can't bend and stretch as I once did and sometimes wish I was younger but those years also made us wiser too. So use your remaining time wisely.  Find something to make you laugh every day and pass your smile on to others who seem to be having a bad day.  All of us seniors need someone to make us smile from time to time. As you say life is good.

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No doubt about it, we have been robbed too soon of the life we had and wanted and if anyone thinks this is just whining then they need a swift attitude change. This is a mourning, a PTSD as we never know if the lightening will strike again. AND it is hard to remember ourselves doing what we loved to do. As we look back on happy memories it is hard as well to be all we can be now and to still be proud of who we were. But I believe that every moment of life has meaning to someone somewhere if we reach out to eachother. So think of the love we have to give even if all else is no can do.


You are important to us here Fred. You have a cheerfulness, realness, and sense of humor I always benefit from. Thank you. I hope you will be physically pain free and keep as much mobility as you can.

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