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A Note about Me At The End of Sue's Blog Report Please Read It......



I don;t or didn;t know how to put it here in a blog but if anyone know how to put what I wrote there into this blog, please do that for me..... Maybe Steve will see it and put it here for me........ Anyway this may be my last article you all I feel so tired now......


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Fred, here is what I wrote:


Fred (fking) has been a stroke survivor for 12 years now.  Fred has had some different roles on this site, all meant to encourage other survivors on their stroke  journey.  I commend Fred for what he offers others in support and encouragement in commenting on the blogs in our Blog Community including mine.  Fred, you are a valued member here.


Fred replied:


Thank you Sue on the Blog Report, I just can't say how much longer I will be a member on here..... You can imagine me with one side paralyzed, 75 years old, been suffering for nearly 13 years, so I'm getting a bit tired in not having much strength left in my worn out body....  :D  I tell you and others as well when you got to drag one side of your body around it gets pretty hard each day to do because it takes so much energy you don't have to start with...... Some times I'm just dragging my left foot not picking it up at all....... No strength left....  :roflmao:


I suppose when I get back to church it will be for my own funeral..... It's just me and one sister still alive and she  is 81, six years older than me.... Her twin died about six years ago so when her and I go that is the end of 18 kids born to our parents as I am number 18 and she was number 17 born 6 years ahead of me....


Therefore I may be retiring from Stroke Net very soon and try to concentrate on me making it to a few more years older if it's God's will......That none of us here know!!!!!!!!

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Fred :


I just read your response to sue''s blog report, surprised & saddened top find put you are deciding to retire from our blog world too here in this virtual world you can just sit in same place & still stay active with your mind. hope you reconsider your decision. about retiring from our blog world



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Fred, just stopping in to tell you how much you've meant to everyone thru the years, and know that prayers and good thoughts are always coming your way.

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Fred was one of the first to respond when I started here. You mean a lot to us here, I just want to make sure you know that.

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Thanks Scottm, Asha and Sandy, I just get a bit tired sometimes and want to rest at my age now but I enjoy posting on this site for the last 12 years or so......

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