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How Many Years People Been Having Strokes????



I could probably look it up someplace but this way I will probably get more answers!!!!!!!!!


I am my parents 18th and last child and no one in the family ever suffered a stroke as they all had to work hard in the fields farming different crops each year to help our father make a living so all of us could eat and buy a few clothes to wear.... It was a bit different by the time I got to be school age so I was able to get a new bicycle and a BB gun that I had to work hard to get.....


I couldn't ride the bike to school in those days we had to walk a few miles no school buses at that time and the walk was a few miles each way from where we lived...... So 11 sisters and brothers not one of them suffered a stroke then here I come along after 22 years in the Army and retired for years running my own business (A Bowling Pro Shop} inside a bowling center I have a Stroke 12 years ago knowing nothing about strokes.....


I was blessed to learn how to shoot at an early age then I was selected to join the All Army Pistol Team and I competed for years until I retired in 1979 at Baumholder, Germany coming back to Fort Benning, GA and shot that summer on the Army pistol team for my last time..... I was a Distinguished Pistol Shot and had all my own pistols and even shot International tournaments and in the Olympics.....


All those years and no stroke then in 2004 it hit me hard and here I am 12 years later still suffering from the stroke which now I know happens to people everywhere all the time...... I came across this Stroke site in 2005 and learned so much about strokes until I'm still here.....


My condition is I am paralyzed on left side but being right handed it works out pretty good for me to be able to drive my SUV and haul my scooter everywhere I go.... I bought my vehicle in 2003, a Ford Explorer that I will keep forever until I'm gone.....


That's all my knowledge about strokes and I know it is a long road to recovery and probably never completely without having effects and showing signs you suffered a stroke at some point in your life..... :roflmao: Strokes are not new to have but anyone know how long people been having strokes??? As a youngster I remember older people in wheelchairs with missing legs or a foot or even got wounded in the military but nothing about strokes......


Any information you know or may have about the years strokes been happening to people let me know please....... I sure thought at one time I would be back on both feet walking as usual, dancing and having sex as usual, running, playing basketball like I used to do years ago now....


That is not the case I can't drive up to stores park, get out and walk inside.... The curb is there I can't step up I have to look for an incline walk way then get in the door if they are not sliding glass doors..... It's not easy going after suffering a stroke at least not for me so far...... I thank God for my scooter but when I'm alone I have to get it out myself and get the seat on it with one hand which is a bit hard to do sometimes..... I have to take the seat off for it to fit with the lift I got..... I haul my scooter inside not outside on the back of the vehicle like you see some folks do all the time....


Well I suppose this is another blog I didn't intend to write but started to wonder how many years people been having strokes since I had one myself.....


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Good question. I don't know but I would guess for a looooong time. Your mom had 18 children??!!!! OMGOSH! What a woman!! You must have been the lucky one. (Sarcasm). Like you I am paralyzed on my left side but I can not walk up inclines or handicapped ramps. I can do stairs, lots of stairs, if there is a railing to hold onto. Something about a ramp just throws me totally off. I avoid ramps because they are just too difficult for me. I am impressed that you are able to get the scooter in and out of the car by yourself. Is it one that comes apart in two or three pieces? I just had a big dramatic fall today. i'm sore but nothing broken. I haven't fallen in a long time. I fell on someone's front porch. I made it up the stairs okay and waited till i was on a flat surface to fall. Life goes on. Have a good evening.

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You said you don't remember people having strokes Fred, well I was 14 when my next door neighbour had a stroke.  There were no blood thinners and no therapy back then so he just laid on the bed,refused to leave his room and rang a bell when he wanted his wife to bring him something.  He died about 18 months later, he was in his late 50's. The only defect I remember was that he had was weakness down the left side.  His wife said he could get up through the night to go to the toilet and yet refused to leave the room doing the day.  I'm guessing he simply didn't want anyone to see him that way as he was a proud man.  So maybe many of the stroke survivors were hidden away either by choice or because family members didn't want to take them out in wheelchairs.


I think we are lucky to live in this age five decades on when we have the medication we do, access to therapy and on the whole people around us that help and support us.  I am so grateful for this site and all the wonderful people I have met on here, without them I am sure I would not been able to keep Ray home for as long as I did. Their support was often what kept me going. And thanks to you Fred for being one of them.

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