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This Is Going To Sound Crazy!



The more I think and feel I am normal the more I find out I am not!!!! My whole left side head to toes does not work normally..... As I have said I am paralyzed totally on left side!!! This morning my left thigh muscle will not work so walking with a cane is not happening today.... I have no more appointments to make for a week or two so that's good news.... At least the two little dogs are near me all day for company..... They know to go upstairs and use their pad to relieve themselves then come down and tell me I can go up and change it now.....


It's a good thing I got a stair lift because I would never make it up or down the way my left side is now so that gives me a duty all day long until my grand daughter is home from school....... But you know I just don't feel I got that much time left on this earth above ground the way these animals stay by my side all day...... If they could talk I think they would be saying we are sitting with him because he don't have much time left......


In all honestly I am ready if God calls my name or number and I can be thankful for the 75 years I was given..... My mom only got 81 years and I was her 18th and last child born in 1941 when she was 45 years old....


Then I look back at my marriages (all 4 of them) my last one has been the longest which is nearly 20 years right now and my first wife has been gone that long as we had just two kids, a girl born in Germany and a boy born here at Fort Hood, Texas......


I don't want to list the things not so good but by the grace of God I survived Vietnam after being operated on there to save my life and sent back to the hospital in San Francisco to recover..... So as a disabled veteran I think I have given my all and my honor to God my whole life.....


:D :roflmao:


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You are incorrect about the dogs . They just love you. My dogs are always by my side. They are such trying such trusting and loving dogs. You are doing well and have been doing well for years. Just keep up the good work.

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Oh Fred, the circle of life.  Hope it's a long time before your circle is complete.   When my dad died a little over 2 years ago, at age 90, he was completely regrets, knew how much he was loved, knew that everyone his life had touched felt his love of us, and knew the angels would be waiting to welcome him.  In time, the same for you, dear man.

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Fred,  the dogs love you, like we do.  I know we all have to go, but we really do not know when, so just keep on  trucking. I am so please that your last marriage worked out, and  you sound so happy and blessed.  Thank you for your service,  and again God was watching over you, while they were fighting to save your life.


Take care Fred, all the best to your family.


God bless



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Well in my opinion any person that has gone through the things in life that I have you know then that life is a struggle and when we get pass that stage it's time to look back over our lives and give Thanks to God for keeping us alive this long..... Its time like these where we take time to look back over our lives and see the good, the bad, the not so bad, and the ugly.....


It's quiet time only we know how that feels and we are very glad to still be alive and can still function on our own..... The aches, the pains, are just a small part in our survival once we become incapacitated somewhat...... So I'm enjoying quiet time sitting at the kitchen table just thinking how blessed I am to have come this far after what has happened in my life....


I'm so glad I found this site years ago and all you wonderful people just light up my life and feelings being disabled.... At one time I thought I would be a homeless veteran sleeping under a bridge then along came my wife I never knew I would meet..... By the grace of God we have paid our home off after my stroke and look forward to many more years together...... Fred King!!!

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Hi Fred,


I may not really know you, but understanding your life at least the big pieces are good.  I never went to Vietnam, little young then.  But I spent 25 years in the AF.  4 active 21 reserve and met many who had been there and heard their stories.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I am guessing yours experience would be close.  I really appreciate all you and your group did and I am very proud of you.  And proud to have met you.


Years ago I thought I would have had a full life if I lived to 80.  No man in my family has made it to 80 yet.  My dad was 68 when he died of pancreatic cancel.  Now after the stroke I am just glad to wake up the next day and do what I can to try to put larger parts of the impact behind me.


I am glad to find this site so I can talk and learn from you and others here.


Have a great day! 

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