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Well I survived Thanksgiving Day



Life goes on and I got plenty rest the last few days now I'm ready to watch all the football games they can show on TV for the next few days..... I'm not going out shopping can't fight the big crowds and bargain hunters that will bust in the doors early as possible..... I guess that gets folks out the house but I stay home anyway so I am OK with that..... I just enjoy being home with the two little dogs as they keep me company all the time.....


Then the lady comes in at 9am to to fix me food and do her little things for me like putting lotion on my legs and putting my socks on that's a big help to me.... My wife takes care of me bathing at night so I stay pretty clean and fresh..... So to me life is a chore in itself but I do the best I can in my physical condition for the last 12 years without any problems to speak of that I can't handle myself..... Now at 75 years young and not many appointments to make I think I do pretty good....


My wife is seeing the doctors for a condition I can't pronounce but has a racing heart beat lately so I pray things will work out with her soon.... She is all I got as we have been a couple now since 1998 or a bit before that time..... So keep us in your prayers my friends!!!!!!!


I hope all of you are enjoying this time shopping, going, finding bargains in the stores and getting ready for Christmas just around the corner.... Time goes by pretty fast it seems to me so I will be home not in the stores at all...... :D When you have little money you stay home and my name isn't Trump...... I do miss the Poker games we used to have at my house long before the stroke I survived but those times are gone forever now....


Well for this Blog I think I have said it all so you all take care be careful out shopping and at home too.... More next time....


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Yeah, an excuse not to go shopping so you can stay home to watch football games!!  How clever you are.  So glad you can enjoy you football games and sorry you cannot have a poker game to recoup your past losses.


Wish your wife good news with her condition and speedy recovery.  Prayers are always with all the kind and wonderful folks on this forum.  Enjoy your games and relaxation before the packages pile in from the shoppers.  It is your job to praise their shopping scores while you share your football scores.


Enjoy your holidays!!

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Fred, staying at home is probably best with the stores crowded. I know the best time to go for me is mid-afternoon and today I managed some quick bargain buys.  Once our school holidays start in mid-December I never attempt mornings as I know everyone is there for their coffee break or lunch. So hopefully I will have finished my Christmas shopping by then.


Sorry to hear your wife is not well, hope she finds a good specialist who can put her on the right medication to fix her condition.  Praying for you both as always. 

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Wish I knew what her problem is but the doctor is working with her and she felt good enough to try going to work this morning.....

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I will certainly keep your wife in my prayers. I do hope that the doctors find out what is wrong. I will bet home. I don't want to fight the crowds either.

Yes. Our three little dogs are such wonderful companions. They had their daily walk in the park before the rain. Upon getting home they got their daily bath.


Take care. You are doing well.



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Hi Fred :


Happy Holidays & enjoy your football games & thankgiving holidays, will be keeping you & your wife in my thoughts & prayers. I never enjoy shopiing I go & buy things when I need something or see some good deals, but never like to rush for shopping cause its bargain, never enjoyed that thing even pre stroke. Sometime I feel like guy since idea of my fun is spendng time & playing with family.



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After all it is just a meal. Enjoy people. Invite a new person to the table.



Here I have loved and made froends. I too recall and long for my old life. Painful but wonderful to dream remember.


We grow old we say. I feel I am fighting to grow. let go of materialism. I still enjoy a sale but now I shop online. but now I want to see my children. they are busy in own lives. help me be content. just to be. live.

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