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Christmas Is Just Around The Corner And Over The Hill



It's almost that time of the year again while many folks are still shopping for bargains where ever they can find them...... Yes Christmas is coming pretty fast and the weather hasn't changed very much in my neck of the woods..... Football games are being played while many folks have done their shopping for gifts and decorations for their homes, roof tops and yards..... It's an annual thing many folks look forward to doing each Christmas...... Of course the children like to help get the house ready for a visit from Santa himself and his Reindeer ..... That way they know toys will fill their homes another year.....


Many of us are parents now but we all had children in the house at one time looking for gifts from Santa...... I suppose that will always be the case for many households around the world..... I can look back now to the times when my parents just had no money to buy us any toys nor decorate the house and yard.... My how times change..... We didn't even have food a lot of those times but God was with us no matter how poor we were...... Now I see on the news people breaking into businesses and stealing what they can from the very person that is trying to make a living by selling things to the public....


So 2016 is almost over in another month or so as we all get ready for 2017, the new cars, and the football games on TV...... I'm 13 years out from the stroke I had in 2004 and still not back to doing what I once could but glad to just be living as best I can with what I got left in my body..... I can only imagine many of you feel the same way as I do...... At least we got that much to look ahead to in life because it could be so much worse..... :D


I see on the news where many people are still out shopping for bargains and gifts but the new cars are not selling as fast in many areas and states..... I still got my 2003 Ford Explorer with 208,000 miles on it and plan on having it for more years to come...... I suppose I will always need my scooter as well so it stays in my car to use when I need it since my walking is slow at best and not good at all.... That's life!!!!! I had the stroke and I'm still here 13 years later...... :D :roflmao: I hope everyone has a good Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!!!


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Fred, you are right, Christmas shopping is in full swing here too.  I guess people need a few pays to buy all they need.  And here where school breaks up mid December it is better for the old folk to shop now rather than when the shops are full of school aged children on holidays.

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Fred :


can't believe year is almost coming to end & Christmas is already here. stores have started playing beautiful Christmas songs which makes you feel happy & go shopping. I guess we both stroked around same time, soon it will be 13 years for me too. I find my life more meaningful & beautiful post stroke. I guess life is great when u r not in pain. being young survivor has its own pros and cons.



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You are so right when you are not in any kind of pain life is great..... For me now the daily and at night too pains are for real..... I am now 75 and at that age pains are with you daily and the effects of the stroke are still with you daily..... So I just pray and look to seeing another day..... My biggest thing is my left side is paralyzed..... So to me I just got one side I can use good....... The effects of the stroke I suffered is still with me this long afterwards....


I am glad I can drive my car and got a scooter to use in my condition..... That way I can take the two little dogs around the block walking them when the weather is nice.... They still will not poop in anyone's yard when we are outside....  Then they will go to the mailbox across the street with me and not let anyone close to me..... They love to go out in the back yard so I stand in the back door to let them play and run around for a little while until they get tired....


They are all the company I got all day until my grand daughter get home from school everyday..... So life is good wife working all day and grand daughter in school until I go pick her up at the bus stop at her old school.....  Now her mom drops her off in the mornings and she rides the bus to the next town to school since she is now in the 7th grade and 12 years old already.....


I have lots of free time all day but the lady comes in at 9am for one hour to care for me not that she does a lot..... So the stroke is the only thing that keeps me home when I got no appointments at the VA..... I just wish I could walk better but Oh well I got the scooter and I drive anywhere I need to go..... So I'm retired military with 22 years service in the Army Personnel Department I can't complain.....


I'm still able to do things around the house or call someone that does that kind of work and they show up pretty quick...... So life is still worth living every day to me..... I can't complain at all.... The stroke could have taken me out 13 years ago..... I don't suppose I will live to be 100 years old????

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Hi Fred, you may live till you are 100, You do not know, none of us know, that is why you should live life like it is your last day.  i agree that it helps if you are not in pain every day. I am blessed,  since my pain got better, as I started moving more, again I am blessed. 


My house as lights outside, Christmas tree is up, Grand kids have decorated, the tree. I have send my overseas cards, and cards over here. i love sending cards.  I enjoy this season, with my Grand daughter, send  a shoe box with gifts for a little girl, teaching my grands how some kids have nothing.  Also trying to teach them it is not about getting, but about sharing, and been kind to others. 


Love and Hugs to You and your family



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Good to hear from you and a Merry Christmas to you and family.... We should have a mild Christmas not too cold but we never really know for sure.... I;m blessed too not much suffering with pain or anything else for that matter....


All my family members mom, dad, sisters all passed from hard working early in their lives so I might make it a few years more by having this stroke and the only one in my family to suffer a stroke..... Hope you are doing great in the warm weather in Florida....


Take care and peace for the holidays.....


Fred King and family....

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