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Christmas Time Is Here And The New Year Right Behind



Well before we can all say Santa Claus Christmas will be upon us and a brand new year too, yea 2017 is ready to come on in our lives and homes.... The new car ideas will be running through our minds making us think do we want to get in big debt to have a brand new car or truck???? I guess it all depends on your income level and with that said I have to keep on driving my old 2003 Ford Explorer for a few more miles longer and it has over two hundred and nine thousand on it right now..... It runs great and I take care of it.... I would be lost without driving that vehicle any longer.....


Now if I should get so lucky and hit the Power Ball or Mega Million lottery real soon I could change my mind I'm sure...... My pocket change right now will not allow me to purchase a new vehicle anytime soon..... Plus we got a grand daughter that will want to go to college in a few more years I'm sure and her mom don't have a penny to help her get in college it will be upon my wife and me since they live with us and have been for years......


I want to wish all of you members here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may the Lord bless all of you and keep you strong in spirit..... He knows all our needs and sufferings as He is with us always...... **hi** :cloud9:


The weather here in central Texas has changed to much cooler or down right cold to me so I will be inside much of the time now..... I got my TV and the Football games both college and the Pros to watch while I sip on a peach tea and have a few snacks...... :D


Take care of yourselves, family, and the little ones too!!!!!! We all will get through this winter together.......


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Fred.  You are right, Christmas will be here before we know it and I have a heap of things to do before then.  It is a busy time of the year for us in Australia, summer, end of year, school holidays and Christmas all rolled into one so lots to do.  Keep on going the way you are going Fred, choose what you do and where you go and make your life as good as you can.

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Well the time has come again to blog a little bit.....I suppose things went as well as I could expect since I wasn't very active toward the end of the year.... Now 2017 is upon all of us and I wish all the best for every member here.... Well my wife is back at work at the bank and driving too but I did pick her up last week but her doctor say she will be OK driving herself again.... So I will stay by her side until she has her thyroid problem fixed which should be this coming week at the same hospital but not taking as long now.... She is just about ready to start doing things for herself again I think....


More next time.....

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