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Just Blogging Again!!!!!! Something We Can Still Do.......



It's been so long since I last blogged I have almost forgotten how or what to do in writing a blog..... Then again it appears the site has made a few changes too....... Well to start with I'm doing pretty good considering after suffering a big stroke years ago and I'm still around to be on Stroke Net posting.....


I really hope all of you I know are doing pretty good too as we all will try to do the best we can long as we can by the grace of God above.... I don't get on site like I once did so perhaps many of you all will not know nor remember who I am but I been on here since 2005 a year after my stroke.... Yea I'm still claiming it because I shall never forget having a stroke much as I want to forget but just can't get it out of my mind nor body.....


With my left side still paralyzed and I forget things along the way there is just no way I shall ever not remember the stroke I had while home alone and the six months I spent in the hospital not knowing if I would live or die....... I'm sure we got many new members now that I never met or know about or them knowing about me....


In fact I still remember when I was a new volunteer on this site back in 2007.... So I still got a bit of my old mind intact for all I been faced with over the years and after the stroke while home alone..... All of us members can be thankful we found this wonderful site to communicate with others just like us...... Obviously I don't get around much lately on my scooter nor travel as I once did but I'm a lot older now and for sure a bit slower with age.....


There is no known cure for strokes that I know about so they will no doubt be around for a long time to come.... Can't you just Imagine a pill years from now you can take to prevent you from ever suffering a stroke?????? As we all know strokes are crippling in many ways from talking, walking, memory and just living after suffering a stroke of any kind..... But through it all by the grace of God many people survive and live their lives long after the stroke they suffered at some point in their life.... :D:D


I'm so thankful to our CEO and Founder Steve for his creation of this stroke site some years ago now..... Hopefully I will still be around to post and comment about strokes and survival years from now........ Who knows what the future holds for all of us young or old???? :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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Very glad to see you back Fred. Your blogs always give me hope for an active future despite my stroke in 2008 which left my left side weak. I too use a scooter to get around in the community and I am supported by a wonderful husband just as you are supported by your wife.

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Fred :


good to see you back blogging again. Ofcourse we all remember you. I guess we both are buddies in surviving stroke during same time frame me in feb 2004 & u not too far behind from me.  old or young surviving stroke is not for sissies. I m also so grateful this site was  around for me, when I needed one.



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Yea they are fine and keep me company all day so I take them riding on the scooter some days when it's warm they love that being with me.......

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