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Well It Is About Time We go to the Casino Again



As I sit here at home now and my wife has finished all her hospitalization and surgeries I feel it's time to go to the casino again..... It may have to be on the week ends since she is trying to also return to work at the bank while she is feeling much better..... She needs to be moving around and walking some to get her strength back...... We shall see what goes in the next few days...... :D


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I am pleased your wife is home again and on the way to recovery.  Yes, you both deserve a break and if the casino is where you both want to go, go there and have some fun.   :)

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Hello Fred, have not been here for a while, i see that your wife was in hospital?. Please that she is out and is better, Thank goodness.


Enjoy your casino trip, maybe you hit the jackpot.


God Bless you both




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