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Counting Down the Days til Surgery



I haven't written in about a week...been trying to grasp all the things that have happened in the last week. The count is on...just 10 more days until surgery day. I think it's going to be a long wait but I guarantee it will be here quicker than I expect. Especially because I would like to prepare somewhat: Make ahead dinners, easy stuff for me when I'm here alone, get the washing all done and the house in good order, place things near my bedside because i think the first few days I will feel kinda icky. You know just things that can come in helpful for me or my family during that time. I have my pre-op appointments on the 2nd of November for the Oncologist and Anesthesia. I am trying not to forget anything that might be important for them to know. Time to get out my list maker. I'm trying to keep my mind busy so I don't think about it. I am so afraid of pain I think because I feel it all the time and the worse it is the worse my anxiety is. I am afraid of blood clots and any dangers of having another stroke. I just keep telling myself I have to do this. It will cause cancer if I do nothing the cells have already started changing. I want comfort food already I hope I can think of something good that freezes well...or my mom. :crying: She is only an hour away but when I feel scared that is who I want. I've been coming up with to do ideas probably for after I am more healed but it keeps my mind busy. I am going to make my old mini blinds into Roman Shades (via an instructional video on the web), make a new holiday wreath, put down brown grocery bags as weed barrier right in front of my house and shrubs, do some painting in the house, work on my recipe book presents for my family and several others. It's a bit ambitious but one thing at a time and I'm not forcing time limits on myself except for the wreath and recipe books. I'll probably write again before I have IT done and write updates. Going to figure out how to use my I-pad to hang out here and check up on all of you. A little less than 10 days and counting...


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Tracy, you have so many plans you make me tired just reading your list.  I wish I had your energy but probably I did at your age.  Wishing you luck with all you have to get done before the operation.  Pace yourself, you don't want to add anxiety to your other troubles. I will be thinking of you, hoping you get through all you have to do.



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Thank you Sue. I think I have decided not to do make ahead meals. I'm just too tired ya know. I get overly tired just making one meal. I have a couple of almost ready made stuff already in the freezer and I'm ok with that. I am tired reading all my plans too Sue LOL.

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Tracy, I had surgery pre-stroke, 2 surgeries b/c of strokes that I don't remember, 1 major surgery post-stroke, and waiting for Halifax, Nova Scotia, to let me know when I'll be scheduled for surgery there (I have a tumor on at least 1 of my 4 parathyroid glands (calcium regulators).  They aren't very willing to accept out-of-province patients, b/c they say they have enough patients in their own province, and so many people from Prince Edward Island having to go there for surgery is overload for them.  Since my condition isn't life-threatening (tumors on these glands are very rarely cancerous, something like less than 1 per cent), they're certainly keeping me waiting.
I have a suggestion and some good news for you:
Suggestion:  On your tablet, list your Prescription meds (including dosage), your OTC meds (again incl. dosage), list your health conditions, your environmental allergies (if you have any....I've got lots), medications that you have had an adverse or allergic reaction to (long list for me), and your surgical history.  (And any other information they want.)  Print it out and bring with you.  I do that and update it on my laptop immediately when something changes, and it saves you from having to gather all this info every time you have to see a new specialist or have dreaded surgeries.  Much easier!!
Now, the best part....the good news, are you ready?
Good news # 1:  I'm terrified of surgeries too, but in Canada, for quite a  number of years now, as soon as you arrive at the hospital, they give you Ativan immediately, before you even put on the hospital gown, because they don't want you anxious/nervous while they're prepping you.  So relaxing for last major surgery, as in "Can you guys turn on some music, I feel like dancing."  One of my best friends is an OR nurse, she was working that day, and she continuously reminds me of how loopy/goofy I was on that Ativan! 
Good news # 2:  They will put very tight stockings on you (I forget what they're called) but they go all the way to the top of your legs.  Their purpose is to prevent blood clots, but better.....hair can't grow on your legs while these stockings are on!!  With the neurosurgeries in 1993, I'm told they were on my legs for 5 weeks (b/c of coma and life support after surgeries) and my sisters told me they were amazed....when stockings were finally removed, no hair on my legs!   Before major surgery about 12 years ago, very early in the morning, the stockings were put on me (after the Ativan of course), and I was told they would be taken off that evening, as well as my IV and catheter would be removed.  But....the opiate medication they had in my IV during and after surgery knocked me out for 3 full days; nurses and doctors could not wake me, so stockings, IV and catheter remained.  I finally woke up when they realized the medication was too strong for my system and switched it to a non-narcotic pain killer.  And darn it, then they removed the stockings......but no hair on my legs!  So, why don't you try asking them to leave the stockings on you to wear at home, lol.  I'm going to ask when mine eventually comes up in Halifax!!
Good luck and be loopy/goofy, my friend, I'll be thinking of you.


À ta santé!  (To your health!)

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Lin those are a couple of good news I can deal with. I guess I haven't cared as much about hair on my legs since I stroked but on occasion I just need a pick me up and primp. What an easy way to get a pick me up LOL. I think also the Health record idea is great and we should all have one. It will be something I incorporate into my routine. Thank you!!

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Hi Tracy,  I understand about wanting to be busy , so you will not think of your opration, but Please slow down, deep breath.  I had mine done about six years ago, and it was put off three  times, because of my blood pressure. Every time they put a stop to it, I worry so my pressure went up again. The last time it was stopped, I said to myself, "Enough", I stopped worrying, gave it to God, and the doctors. Best thing I done. Got my opration, and it was all good. 


Get it done, stop worrying about afterwards, It be sorted out with the wash.  


You are in my Prayers



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