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The nerves are beginning to fire...I can do this!



It's been a mostly uncomplicated week and it's getting cooler. I have been doing a lot of "things" keeping my mind off THE DAY. I really have done well. Today I feel it a bit. The unanswered questions about what they will find. Will I have laparascopic or will they have to do an open incision surgery. I won't know until I wake up. I've had to be off my aspirin to prepare. I just don't want to go backwards (stroke wise) and I'm afraid of having another. I don't want to have to fight even the thought of cancer...I've been trying self pep talks. I have been through and survived a lot and I am not letting this pull me down. I honestly just can't wait until it's over. The time before is really hard. At least after I will know exactly where I stand. Otherwise I'm super excited about no periods that are killing me and no anemia. I might find some energy. You never know.


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The unknown windmills are much harder to fight with bigger shadows.


I find when I color that my mind turns off for a while so I can relax and not cry or worry.


You are brave when you need it. You are never alone. You have this little family caring online. Best thing is talk anytime.


We know worry never stopped just by willpower so lets talk any time.


I still wait for another stroke but I want to not survive sometimes and then I say no that is not what I want I am just fearful I will have more problems. normal. we want

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All the best for the days ahead.  You are in my prayers.  Most things go better than we anticipate so all should be well.  Relax and try not to worry too much.

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Hang in there. You can do this. Being a bit scared is normal.  You've done all the planing you can, you have your strategies in place. now it's up to the fates and your surgeon.  As you said, once it's done you will know what next. No point crossing bridges for rivers you haven't reached yet.  Fingers and toes crossed ( whenever I can spare them) that you get a good result.

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I  have got you in my Prayers. Try and not get so worked up that your pressure go up. Relax, What will be will be.  I know it is easy to say, but i find that me worrying, got me so worked up, not good. Once i had happy thoughts, after three times the opration been cancelle, it was a go. No regets, after six years, no problems.  


God Bless



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