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Success and Improving!!!



It's been about 9 days since I had my complete hysterectomy via Laprascope. So I have 5 incisions in my tummy...3 down low, one up high and to the right if you are looking at me and one hidden in my belly button. The recovery hasn't been very bad at all. I do feel like some alien being with 5 arms was messing with my insides. It still hurts a little when I move just right or sit up real straight or turn over in bed but it's tolerable. I have thought many times about my insides over the past week. I asked my Dr. so what falls into the empty space? Do my ovaries just float around or are they attached somewhere (they took my fallopian tubes). How does what is left stay upright? I have pondered about a strange disconnected feeling. Women you will understand I think and I hope. When we think of our nether regions it's like a trio. First you have the_____. Second you have the _____. and third you have the _____. So once you remove the 2nd or at least the part of it in my tummy I feel like I have an empty spot. It's a weird mind game my body is playing with me. My Doctor already told me that the intestines just have a little more room to do their thing. No matter if I know it still hasn't made the weird feeling go away. Sorry for getting so blunt but an example would be when I use the restroom (either or) something feels missing even though none of these processes have anything to do with each other. Weird huh? Anyways I can now acknowledge myself as a hystersister (made up name on net). Off all pain meds and steadily improving I can't ask for anything better. I am so happy that I will not be anemic and be visited by the evil monthly visitor anymore I could just sing and dance!!!!


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Haven't been there myself but I can imagine that "missing" feeling all too easily. I expect it will pass as your brain adjusts to the changed sensations and you heal.  Overall a positive experience and outcome for you. :) Terrific

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