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I Am Feeling Really Blessed...



I went to my oncologist today and she said everything looks awesome and is healing up very well. She took a look at all my incisions from surgery and said they look great. I asked her about the one in my belly button and she sorta hesitated and said I don't think I made an incision in your belly button but lets take a look. I explained to her that had a tiny wee bit of bleeding from there on the first day home and then she oh yes I remember you had an umbilical hernia. I fixed that so it shouldn't be a worry anymore. I was so thankful. My PCP had told me that one day it will cause problems and one day it will have to be fixed surgically. Dr. Brown just fixed without me even asking her. She is a wonderful Doctor and thankfully all of my pathology reports came back and we caught this "thing" before it had time to change to cancer. This week my husband also got a new job making 2x +more than what he was making and we are in so much need for it. He has applied 100's of times for the past few months and just no luck until this job just came along and sat down in his lap. My Dad's brain tumor is benign. My daughter got a two dollar raise (unheard of!). My mom has found a friend kitty that just comes around sometimes and doesn't let you touch him...but this joy has replaced her sorrow for her beloved Basset Hound Lucy that she had to have put down this year due to inoperable arthritis and both her back legs could no longer work. My step Dad and my Mom were so hurt from losing her. She was their baby and they had her since she was a baby. It just made me happy watching her watch for this kitty and tenderly talking to him, making sure he has a full tummy...she named him Tom (I think he is the neighborhood cat and roams and may have a few homes.). I just feel happy inside. For me that is a major statement and I am so blessed.


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Tracy :


I am so happy for you. & all your blessings in life. When going gets tough its hard to remember something better is going to come out of this & we just have to keep our head above water till tide turns for better. enjoy your blessings, & remember to be present in your now.



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Great that some of the things that were worrying you have turned out well and you can see blue sky again. I can see that kitty just loving your Mum I'm so standing by for lots of cat stories.  :cloud9:

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