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I have been retired for 5 months. It is funny but I do not have time to miss work. People ask me occasionally if zi miss work. I tell them that I am too busy taking care of me husband to miss work. I find that I am,

able to keep myself, William and our three dogs in better health. I make it to the gym daily for myself. Usually 3 hours per day on me. Them an hour walk in the park for the dogs. Then 1 hour if water therapy for William

I am tired by afternoon. I get the house and laundry done.

William is enjoying his time more with me at home. I get history movies on tv for him to watch. And get him to the pool and out of the house more often. And of course get him different things to eat and drink.

Life is good.


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Thought I would miss working too, but reading and hobbies, and taking the dog out for an hour of fetch, and a two hour walk, pretty much fill my day. The only good thing about a stroke is time to spend on non stress activities.

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I am glad your life is good Ruth.  I think we all wonder where we fitted work into our lives. It is great you can fit in the exercise work for both you and William.    Long may it last.

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Ruth, I didn't know you had retired, I missed that someplace along the way so tell William I still think about you all there in Houston and perhaps one day/week you two can get this way and come to Fort Hood, Texas and Killeen where I am now.... Will be glad you can make it this way from Houston now that you are retired....... My cell number is 254-702-6445 call me any time.....

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