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4th of July



Today is the 4th of July. I was going to take William to the pool. But, I am having second thoughts about that. It is very early in the morning 5AM. Yes, I am still waking up early. William has been acting up at the pool. I don't think that I want to put up with that today. I have explained to him that I do water therapy for him for his benefit and not mine. Yesterday, He did nothing. I had him stay home all day and he was fine. I went to the dog park and exercised the dogs and then went to the YMCA and did swimming and YOGA for me. I love our YMCA. IT is the best outlet for me. Yoga has been so good. They have what is called power yoga today. I think that I will go to the YMCA now and swim and use the hot tub. I might even use the weight room.

I must suggest Yoga to anybody that has not done it. The stretches are so good for you.

I just do not feel like messing with William today.


Lets see if I have a change of mind when I get back from the gym. He really does hate water therapy and I HAVE made him do it for 8 years now. It has helped him. But, why fight him?


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For me I am still riding my exercise bike in the dinning room when the in home therapist is here to help just in case I fall off the bike somehow....  Glad you had a good 4th and today, the day after....

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If he hates it that much is it really worth the fight?  Is there an alternative that he would enjoy? Have you spoken to the yoga instructors about doing modified yoga with him instead?  I do an assisted modified yoga session each week and it's good fun and helpful therapy.

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Ruth, I am happy for you that you are able to get away and do exercises for yourself even if William is being stubborn about doing his therapy.    You can lead him to it, but you can't force him to do it!    been there, done that!    Take care of yourself!




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Ruth, one day soon I hope I can get down your way and visit you and William again and see your dogs since we both have the same breed of dogs....


Fred King

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Hi Ruth.  Larry would not like going in the water.  He is always cold and did not like water therapy when he first had the stroke.  It has been so hot here so I do not take him out.  He does exercises inside and I still have a helper that comes twice a week.  He does exercises with him.  He does a few on his own but not much.  I admire you for doing your yoga.  I just go out and walk when weather permits.  We have 90's here all week with near 100 heat index.  


Take care.



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Ruth: it might be time for a break. But defintely, it is OK for you to forgo what we call the "hooplah" here in SparksPalmer land and have your workout, enjoy your time. Get back on the horse after a short break. Be well. Debbie

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