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Annual CT done



Hesitate in both beyond surgeon and neurologist have copies.

As I was reviewing at library a friend who is a RN.


She said the most important thing is the findings.

Comparison to past few years of CT.


"Stable and unchanged examination.


Yes I'm doing the happy dance but well aware docsnay see something in the report that I don't understand.


Peace out and have a great day.



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The happy dance is the best idea.  Think it is all great until you have been told otherwise.  Positive thinking is good for you. Have a good week Jay.

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Wish I could dance but my left side is paralyzed so I can move my toes that's about it.... Now I'm 75 so not much movement these days and years..... :roflmao:  :D

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Sue ,Yvonne and Fred.

Thanks for all you support. This is one of those things. I need to share. I know you understand.

Fred, I didn't say I could dance very good but who cares I may just tap my toes. But it's a happy dance for me.


Be well all

Make a difference every day.

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