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War of attrition, over and I won



I received a call from a worker at local SSA office.


My disability is APPROVED.


Only 3 year. Now I can get on with my life.

Happier dance. I would like to kick my heels but I know I would end up falling not worth trying.


Now I can breathe.


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Such a relief, I am pleased for you. A long hard fight but worth the effort.  Dance in your head, if your body won't co-operate.

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There is always room for benefits coming to us the way I see life as a stroke survivor..... Think about it the way we lose our jobs after surviving a stroke or not being able to work anymore so when social security kicks in we got to take it every time....


I took mine at 62 in 2004 same year of my stroke and that was the right time since I had to sell my business and close up shop.... I couldn't run a bowling pro shop with one hand standing on one leg and trying to operate a ball drilling machine for bowling balls too.....


So Jay I know you feel good right about now getting your social security check...... I sure did!!!!

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