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A new holiday tradition



I have always made peanut brittle. As Christmas presents. I use a multigenerational recipe. Three years ago i had my stroke the weekend i had planned to make it.

Since then when i want to make my brittle i have to arrange for adult supervision . Last year my sister inlaw agreed. This year decided. It is a new tradition for us. We have fun. I am so blessed.


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Hey Jay, it may be time to think bigger and increase your out put and start making enough to sell and perhaps shipping them out to customers every where..... Maybe a couple neighbors would help and the money start to roll in then you could retire happy with money in the bank..... Just a thought.....


That would be great presents for lots of people at Christmas time.....

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If you make too much, I looooove peanut brittle. I would even buy some from you. Name your price and I am in. I can almost taste it now.

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