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2016 goes out on a high note



Saturday is one of my typical days to do volunteer work so December 31st which was a Saturday I was here and there were no stroke survivors for me to meet with but one of the nurses asked me if I would talk to another gentleman turns out he survived two stroke 18 years ago but he was in the hospital receiving radiation therapy so we chatted for a little while and finally he says to me Jay I have to tell you I can tell by the tone of your voice just what a caring compassionate person you are I said thank you so much mr. D that's one of the nicest things I've ever heard then he said you're a beacon in the darkness and you brighten my day and I said mr. Dean but you telling me that you brighten my day it really is a two-way street isn't it and we just took hold what an absolute blessing to be able to bring joy to someone just simply listening and listening to stories and and sharing.
Peace love and joy.
May 20th may we all have a happy healthy prosperous 2017


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Very well put Jay, ministering to others is always a two-way street, you get back what you give.  Of course sometimes the person is in a bad way so unable to partcipate so if it is not from the person you are with right now then from the next one.

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