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Well yesterday started out like any normal day except I was doing a little housework for I was getting ready to go to my son's to be with him for his dad ( my ex husband) and his new girlfriend were leaving the next day for a flight to catch a cruise. So running around and doing cleaning wasn't anything new. I work better rushed and have done so in cleaning even after the stroke. But since I'm kinda having all the things I can't have after my surgery: like soda and coffee, I'd had a cup in the morning, again like I've done before. Though that day I used a different kind of coffee and I think that was my own doing. I was fine all day, yeah a little upset that my ex is going on a cruise that he always told me he'd never do..but he helped me after the stroke, and I walked in the back of my building to talk to my HOA president. I rang the doorbell and said one word and I couldn't catch my breath but I got what I needed said and did so I jumped into my car and drove to my parents house ( .5 miles) and glad it was so close. My father was there with the dod I was going to pick up and take to get my son but when he opened the door, I said as the dog tried to jump up and lick me, I told him ' not now.. I can't'. I've had rapid heart beats in the past..(Tachycardia) so I knew the drill of calming down: Holding my breath,pressing down as I'm having a bowel movement,putting mr face in cold water. I did all but the face, I just laid on the couch with my legs above my heart.My father gave me a cold rag for my head. Granted it was hot in that room but I was drenched and still sweating . After about 10 mins of trying, I told my father that I needed some 'intervention' for I explained in pants that sometimes I need to get shot to stop it.


We got to the ER fast, I live near by, and he wheeled me in and I tried to explain I had rapid heart rate and stroke in my past. I got whooshed back with a team of doctors and nurses for I was sweating yet cold to the touch. I was more worried of making my father drive me here for nothing. Well no one would tell me what my heart rate was but just it was fast. ( 220+ a min) They tried to find a vein in my hand but since it was beating so fast the couldn't so they had to go to a central line ( inner thigh) ouch yeah... so the the filled my with fluid, which I thankful for I was thirsty lol. The protocol is pumping in some drug which is made to slow it down.. almost always works but that day, NOPE. The pumped a lot of that drug in my and the doctors were all getting worried that if the next drug didn't work, I may have to have the paddles... THANKFULLY the new drug worked.. I've had them pull the crash cart to me in times like this but never had a drug like that no worked on me. I had my eyes closed most of the time for it was to exhausting to open them plus the nystagmus made it very hard to see straight for it was bouncing at the speed of my pulse. After about 20 mins it finally slowed down to double digits.. WHOOOOOOT.. and everything labwise came back and I was fine so I was discharged still a bandage on my thigh...


AND I was so upset hopping this wasn't going to ruin my chances for surgery lol.. Considering I had all my testing :)


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My wife had that rapid heart beat and she went to the doctor they fixed her up with meds and she was alright for days but I was scared to death..... I know for sure I can not lose her.... She had other problems too but it was all under control with the doctor looking after her.......


Well I'm glad you are OK......

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Glad yo are okay Kelli, what would we do without you.  Only decaffeinated coffee from now on and maybe just a cup a day.  Only had tachycardia once ( caused b a virus) and boy I know how scary that is.  (((hugs)))

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Kelli :


I am so glad & relieved you are ok. you need to relax & let go of feeling of resentment of your ex going on cruise with his girlfriend. he is your ex for a reason & allowed to have happiness in his life again like you do. I know it is sometimes hard to detach ourselves from people we loved once. but time to forgive & forget & move on remembering best is yet to come



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Kelli, so please that you are okay, and let's go easy on the coffee. I also know it is hard to let a past love go. Life goes on, he is happy, and you  need to move on  You have to let your mind be at peace, so your body  can  also heal.  After my breakup, once I let go, i was able to clear  the fog, and met a wonderful man who returned my love. , He treats me as  his Queen,  we have fun, and we do not have much, but we have each other., We have a Son who is a joy, of course we have had problems, but  it is a wonderful, fulling, life,  and have now celebrate  23 years  Wow, who knows what life has for us? . Trust  me, time is the healer, and  hold on,  change is comming.


God bless 


Love and Hugs 



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Oh no, what a terrible time you had!   I'm glad it was finally brought under control and you are doing better.    We only drink instant coffee, and always the same one.    Any brewed coffee is a lot stronger.   Tea can also give problems.    I guess you need to stick with the same one that you are used to, to be sure some other one won't hurt you.     Maybe it would have been better to dial 911, you might have had a wreck, on top of all the other problems.   I'm so sorry you had such a bad time, and hope you stay well.

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That is scary Kelli. I've not had tacchycardia before but I have talked to people who have and I knew I never wanted to experience this. Is this caused from your stroke?

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