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Timber..but saved the most important thing



so the other day I did something silly. I was holding my plate of hotdogs, a girl gets hungry, and my head and feet lost their way. You know the feeling when you fall and there is nothing you can do but just fall. So that's what I did. I, in a split second, had to figure out what to do with my hot dogs. I ended up dropping them but ended eating them...hey a girl has to eat. I landed on the corner of my living room table. It was EXTREMELY painful. I played it off for a few days, pain and soreness. Saturday night, thank goodness my son was here, for I woke up and went to the bathroom and could hardly take a deep breath and move without pain. He had to help me back to bed and rub tiger balm on my back while I wincing and yelling. By the morning I felt 80% better but I had my mother take me to the ER. They took x-rays and found nothing but gave me painkillers, which i hate taking them, and advice to go to my Doctors if the pain doesn't go away...
Well tomorrow I'm off to my doctor's office. It hits me every time I turn or reach. Now it feels like a toothache. Always there. Is it better? NO. Falling isn't my favorite thing. :(


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  hoping you get well soon kelli.  I fell a year ago (feb 16) broke my wrist.  that means 6 months no fun at all!!  but even when you are old the body tends to heal. and you are young!


kind regards,


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Kelli :


falling is so easy with stroke deficits & healing takes longest time being blood circulation in affected body being messed up, makes healing extra slow. So take it easy, glad nothing is broken, & u will b back to your old self soon glad you saved those hot dogs still lol



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I've had several bad falls since Ray died.  Usually caused by not looking where I am going.  I usually feel bad for a few days and then it gets better.  Hope you feel better soon,  No fun getting around in pain.  (((hugs))) 

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