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From: New Year memories and celebrations



The nerve block helped. My kids see difference in me and I can walk and live with reduced pain. On Christmas Eve I left for road trip to Solvang then Monterey Bay. I wanted to run down the stairs or well worn path short cut to the swingset on Pismo Beach. The thought of soaring above the sand and surf reminded me of swings near a bay I visited often as a teen. I loved the outdoor scenery. I have been lacking that and music in my life. good music not the types who come share in a nursing home like a bad Idol. So I had music and scenery and good conversation plus these cookies from Westwood in LA. Students there know the ones and we brought some home because they are the best memory of alumni. We carry home EbberSkeebers from Solvang. A dozen pancake balls covered with powdered sugar nest in a pink bakery box. We successfully retraced a vacation 13 years ago. Now a new time. I brought back music and scenery and a new haircut and color from my time in a mall in LA. I Lived in a weekend.


Then I returned to a new room that is a garden view bed with only 1 roommate. I am out of that abusive situation in the other room. I moved before road trip. I felt free and full of joy happiness.


I had to fight even involved adult protection agency. Emotional abuse is hidden and under represented but since my stroke I have it alot. I do not stand for it. I spoke out before about it advocated and educated so No you cannot count on my silence.


I have calm now. I color and go to rehab. I deal with my pain but I also want to be a retired playing person.


I wished now it is.


I try and keep happiness of vacation alive everyday.



Source: New Year memories and celebrations


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Thank you Sue. I went with family but we retraced a path we did when my mother went along. There are times in pain I cry for my mother just like a baby. I feel her now even though she never was a warm cuddly sort she read me the funnies and Dr. Seuss. My love of books born out of those times. We visited libraries when we went on roadtrips. The places we house books are interesting places. Now I live in twillight zone. I have time but not the eyes. well I have one good eye that works independent and up close. So I prefer my phone over computer or tv.

Yes I worked hard to teach people how to treat me as Dr. Phil steals that saying but it is ok cuz he is on tv and gets the word out.

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