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How I See My World



How I See My World

I look all around and it's hard to believe,

That a broken mind has set me free.

There are no agendas in my sight,

No time crunches or policies I have to fight.

Less fuss, less scurry, less stress for me,

The world is quieter and calmer than I once believed.

The wind on my face and the rustle of leaves,

Is warmer and more magical than I once conceived.

Even the blinding lights have beauty to behold,

Starbursts and halos and rainbows to unfold.

Time has more meaning and more gifts to unwrap,

No lifeless moments or thoughtless traps.

I once thought this stroke of broken life was just pain,

but I have learned to look through it and see blessings the same.

So take what is bad and turn it around,

Because life is a blessing and serenity can be found.





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Tracy :


this is so beautiful, nicely written. thats how I feel once you look at life as a blessings, post atroke life also becomes beautiful & fun. love it.




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