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So sad



While I was out walking  Saturday afternoon, I received a text from a friend from high school, an in Florida, that a fellow classmate was not doing well and was in the hospital and on life support.  This guy, who was a little older than me, and I used to play tennis and racquetball after school and after I was done with cheerleading practice every day without fail. This kid was one of my father's students, he taught at the same school I went to, and continued to be even after we graduated. He lived in Florida still and even after my family and I moved up here he still continued to communicate with us through social media. His spelling made mine look, after stroke, like a perfect speller but he never cared. He was sincere and genuine and just an all around beautiful soul.

He was born with a heart condition that limited his activity but he never let that stop him from living. When I say a Star Wars fan.. I mean.. his pulse sounded like the Darth Vaders march beat.(https://archive.org/details/StarWarsTheImperialMarchDarthVadersTheme)

And he ALWAYS  brought his world into yours and it wasn't an embarrassing occurrence. My favorite picture of him:  Sending his 'babies off to the same school we went to. He passed Saturday night in peace of renal failure and CHF . SO this Saturday, if you all could, please salute Darth as he travels to Princess Leia to battle :crying:



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Kelli :


So sorry for your loss. condolences to you & his family. May his soul resi in peace and have fun with princess leia




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Kelli, I send you and his family my condolences. RIP, and when he see's Princess Lelia, his face will light up.











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It is hard to lose a good friend.  We have so many happy memories and we can no longer share them together.  <3  and hugs Kelli

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Kelli, so sorry for your loss.  You wrote so beautifully about your friend; you'll always have him in your heart.  Hugs

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