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school all over again



I haven’t blogged in a while for it’s a struggle for me. I lose focus very easily and when I say that, I mean it may have taken me a few times to write this. I have always had an attention problem. “To much sugar” or “She is flighty” is what I always heard growing up from people but I actually had ADHD and comprehending  challenges and they weren’t talked about in the 70’s and 80’s so the older I got I struggled in school and in social situations a lot. It was hard when I could do the class work but when I had to do my own work or homework I got anxiety and always went to the bathroom or nurse. I felt embarrassed for my parents for my father was a teacher at the same high school I went to and I know he tried to help me but it wasn’t sinking in. They never got angry with me but what they were was way worse to me: ‘They were disappointed’. I always felt like I could have done so much more with my life if I only could comprehend what I heard. Now fast forward to the stroke. The stroke has caused my challenges to go to hyper drive. I can’t follow simple directions and that brings back the stress and anxiety I tried so hard to tuck way down in the bottom of the universe. I can’t stay focused on ONE task at a time. Could that be from all the new gadgets we now have to distract us from life? Maybe or it just is my brain was having a hard time with learning and since the stroke I have that same stress.



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Kelli, You've explained it really well. I have a nephew with ADHD, and the flack we got as his family for putting him on "drugs" when "his problem is just poor parenting"  He also was diagnosed with learning difficulties due the the ADHD. As a young adult now he manages it very well (I have no idea if he still uses the medication, or if he's learned coping skills).  But I hate to think how hard it must be to manage combined ADHD and Stroke effects.  What we found with my nephew was that he could concentrate on a single task but only by completely blocking out every other thing. When he was doing something he wanted to focus on he would shut out every other stimulus, including the demands/needs of his own body. It was sort of scary.




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Kelli and Heather you both have spot on explanations. I like Kelli have always had ADHD but never treated. My mom used to tell me I would forget my head if it weren't screwed on. I always was going 90 miles an hour and from 1 thing to the next. The same as you said Heather if I found something that acutely caught my interest I could obsessively only have attention on that. As an adult my mom got very upset with me one Christmas because she had ordered something I was selling as a Christmas gift and I forgot to do it. She was so upset and I really let her down. It was then that I really talked to a Psychiatrist who then diagnosed with Adult ADD same thing just as adults we slow down and a lot of times the inattention is more prominant. So needless to say, when i had the stroke this was affected so much. I was taken off of medication and it has been extraordinarily challenging. I wroyte a post on here one time explaining my day and it was crazy! Sowed this to my new Psychiatrist and he was shocked. He and I are still in the works to address it but I have to get all my meds happy and settled before he even thinks about it. Kelli I so very much relate to the things you said and to the disappointment in myself and feeling like I just wasn't as I don't know put together ( I knew I was smart...so I didn't question that) but yeah just not the best I could be. Hailey is the same way as me and we had her treated in the 1st grade. Her grades went from a U to all S's and S+'s. I never questioned it after I saw the phenominal improvement.

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