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What is going On?



Well here I go again... confiding my most intimate feelings to a computer screen and some possibly iterested readers. Thank God I can do this! The past few days have been a bit of a ride. My mother has suddenly decided that I can do no wrong...just when I was beginning to agree with the masses. I was one event away from resigning as my father's care giver when, suddenly, there began to flow these affirmations of my good work with his care. Who'd of thunk it? Maybe I am not the world's worst daughter after all. The year and a half since my daddy's stroke has been both tumutlous and rewarding. Not long ago we thought we might lose him to a serious infection brought on by the negligence of an unfeeling nursing home staff. (In which he no longer resides)

It was the scariest time of my life! It is really hard to let go of the idea that the rock of gibralta is a little worn down. My father has been my hero now more than ever! He is still the rock inside a frail shell with aging flesh and tired, gentle eyes. Love can move mountains! Sorry for being trad but I am a bit sentimental today!


All Love,

Liitle Me

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you aren't JUST talking to a computer screen!!! I HEAR YOU. it is sad, like i told you b4, i understand. i am SO happy to hear you are the "star daughter" in mom's eyes. it is a joy to hear you say your daddy is still the rock behind his tired eyes, HOW SWEET!!!!!!! what a lucky man he is to have a daughter like you!!!!



kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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