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Nearly 13 years of service



Right after Gary came home from stroke rehab in September 2004, we got our little peek-a-poo as a puppy.  We named her Pookie and she immediately recognized that Gary needed help with all aspects of daily living and made it her job to be as much help as possible with his care.  From the early days of helping me to screen caregivers, to supervising them as they cared for her "Papa", to alerting me if he was trying to get out of bed or out of his chair when I was in another part of the house, to sitting with him while I ran into a store for only a few items, she has been there for us.   We used to take her everywhere we went and only once had a problem at a motel in Montana, otherwise she's been to hotels, malls, churches, casinos and even a funeral with us.   This last year has been really tough on her.   After we lost our youngest son, Dan, in June last year, Pookie went into a deep depression, after which she started losing some of her eyesight and hearing.   More recently she began refusing to eat and when she did eat, she would either toss it up, or have diarrhea from eating.    I struggled with the decision to put her down, but things weren't improving so I finally took her in last week Wednesday and told her she could go to be with Dan, her best buddy.    I thought Gary would take it pretty hard, but he actually was okay with it.   He will miss her burying her biscuits and pizza crusts in his bed which always made him laugh when he would roll over on one of them.   So many fond memories of her and all the silly little things she did.     She is already greatly missed.





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Sarah, it is never easy to give your pet a humane ending to their life, you will miss Pookie for all the wonderful memories she gave you and Gary.

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Pookie was sent with love in 2004 and crossed that path again in love. I'm touched with knowing there are so many happy memories

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Guest lwisman


Sorry for your loss. It is difficult when a much loved pet dies. Take care.

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