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Anniversaries Approaching



June used to be a happy month for me.   It was the real beginning of summer for us, which meant fishing and camping trips, family picnics and working out in the yard and enjoying the sunshine.   That all changed after Gary's stroke on June 1, 2004 and even more  since the loss of our youngest son, Dan on June 22nd of last year.    I no longer look forward to June in the same way I did years ago.   This year I want it to go by quickly and do not feel the need to celebrate anything - especially mine or Dan's birthdays on the 30th of June (He was born on my 25th birthday, and died at the young age of 42, just 8 days before our birthdays last summer).    I had originally planned to make a trip back to Colorado to place flowers on Dan's gravesite since we hadn't been back since we buried his ashes last July, but with trying to sell our place and get moved into a new home, I don't see that happening this year ....maybe next year if we are settled and can handle the trip.   


We are in the process of moving and hope to be in our new home by the end of June.   Too many changes here, and with the new flight patterns at the airport and huge planes flying low over our house at night, it's become more difficult than ever for me to get much needed rest.   Former Colorado friends, who now live in Arizona, have talked us into moving out closer to them near Casa Grande area - quieter, different county, more rural location and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.   We will be about 15 miles from major shopping in Casa Grande, but also have a Super Walmart and large grocery chain within a couple miles of our new home.  The neighborhood is newer homes and several houses less than a block from us are occupied by county deputies, so I feel like it's a safe neighborhood.   We will also have a pool in the back yard, so I can start exercising again without killing my knees.   I won't have to worry about having someone sit with Gary as the house is small enough I could put him down for a nap in the living room or bedroom with a monitor and still be able to hear him if I'm out back swimming, only a minute away from the back door.   I can add to the already nice landscaping in the back yard, and make it a resort-like escape when I need a break, or a swim (which for me would be a great stress reliever).   Just praying we don't run into any complications before closing and that this place sells soon so I don't have to hire someone to maintain it after we move.    I'll post a few pictures after the move.   





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Sounds good Sarah.  I am glad you will have friends close by after you move, that will take some of the strangeness out of the move.  Sorry you can't take your vacation but that happens sometimes.  At least we had Hawaii.


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Bless you my warrior princess. Nothing is ever concrete... our lives , our plans , ---that saying seems to be true. We plan and God laughes.... love ya girl !!


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Sarah,. You keep rolling with the punches of life.  Moving is such a stressful event.  I am glad that you will have a pool.  

I do know how relaxing the water can be. Good luck.

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