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With the temperatures nearing 120 in our area this past week, we are melting in Arizona.   It would have been a horrible week to close on the house and try to move in these hotter than "H" temps, so it's just as well the closing got delayed again.   While I'm having flashbacks of what happened in 2012 when we thought we were going to close on a house in AZ, I'm almost certain it will eventually happen now, although I can't say for sure exactly what date it will happen.   This time the delay seems to be the finance guy who didn't get the appraisal ordered in time and now the underwriter for the loan isn't happy with the appraisal as submitted, so they need to find more comparables in the area.   If it wasn't hot enough here already, I got a little hot under the collar with this latest setback.    lol   Tentative date for closing is now Friday, the 30th - my 69th birthday - and would have been our son, Dan's 44th birthday, had we not lost him a year ago on the 22nd of June.  


Most of our household belongings are packed and ready for the move.  In fact, I'm finding that I need things that are already packed - somewhere in one of those boxes or bins piled in the study, that now looks like a hoarders house when you walk into the room.   :)  I've unpacked several things once the girls had them already packed just to be able to fix a meal, and when I couldn't find what I needed, I had to improvise  (actually cooked a Schwans pizza one night using a casserole dish and putting slices at a time in it too bake since the whole pizza was too big to fit).   :)   And, after tossing out my old coffeemaker thinking we would be in the new house by this weekend and I would get a new one, I ended up having to hit the store closing sale at the local Big Lots store to find one and set it up so I could have my morning coffee for another week.   Note to self - don't try setting up a new coffeemaker at 2 a.m. when you can't even open your eyes all the way to read the directions.  And, by all means don't call the coffeemaker stupid when it's really not the machines fault you can't comprehend directions at 2 a.m.   sheesh!!   I'm on my second cup of coffee now and it all worked out so neither of us were that stupid after all.    lol


Our current home didn't sell like I had hoped it would before we move, so our caregiver Kelly will move in here and rent from us for at least a year, and then we may try again.   It will be easier for me to have someone here who can keep up the lot rent and maintain the place as opposed to having to pay someone to continually check on it or make the 40 min. drive several times a week to check on it myself.   She can also try to sell the golf cart for me and I've offered to pay her a commission if she sells it.   She will continue to work for us and help with Gary several days a week at our new home.   We will adjust her hours so she's only having to drive that 40 min. drive twice a week and she can work longer days, so no cutting of hours.  


I'm going to attempt to get a few more hours sleep before the sun rises, so will update when we actually get moved - hoping it happens before the 4th of July weekend, as I've already switched the utilities into our name and have the cable tv and internet installation set up for July 3rd.







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Hi, loved reading your story; I can relate to the "H"s of summer!  The heat, humidity (which you probably don't get in Arizona), and hungry insects make me love snow more and more.  Since the heat drains me of energy, I find it a "H" of a time to do the packing and organizing required to move.


Great idea to have someone you know rent your home after you leave it; even after carefully screening people you don't know that may want to rent it, can lead to damage that would be costly to repair before selling the house.


And thank you for sharing about calling your coffee-maker stupid....Now I know I'm not the only one who calls items stupid, LOL.


Happy summer,

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holy cow. 120.. I started to sweat for you. I think choosing to wait was very wise.. melting is something I like to feel.. (dry heat my foot) hot is hot:screaming::screaming:

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