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A Visit is a visit no matter how small!



My son made it two days late passed Mothers Day but he arrived and brought me this slice of gourmet pizza. OMG ! Artichoke and spinach with a topping layer of cheese. It was welcome change from my usual custom made tuna salad with celery tomato lemon. I had waited for a shower knowing he was coming. That is what I miss. my beautiful bathroom. But he waited for me. He just dropped off after work. tired. a long drive to see me. He remembered when he came on Easter and I touched the canvas in the bag and said Pizza but it was the picture. of course. it was not carried like one.  But I like that. no flowers though. I think I once said flowers fade. But he saw the long stemmed huge roses white with pink edges. so gorgeous the home gave us all. I put in mason jar vase. I long for the elegant red glass vase I gave to my daughter and she did not keep. She is going to the hospital for Liam's surgeries. I have not heard from her since January. I cry sometimes.


I have a friend here who comes for me to play cards. Another who I teach the cell phone. I am glad to polish the nails of 2 other ladies I am fond of. They are adopted mothers or adopted daughters.


I am dressed early to go to therapy early. get to breakfast. I need help to walk far in the morning. I need a day out. 


My roomie is a nutconfused patient and l I  must deal with her telling people outrageous things about me. I am out of my room for so much. I play bingo and a man who brings his sister's dog to visit comes to see me and sit with me. 


My roommate said to me Nobody likes you.


I report staff and complain about things. I know I get gifts and I am loved by only a few still left. My gang has dwindled. The nurse said the roomie is paralyzed and in bed all day everyday compared to my getting ready goinng and that I need to ignore her. My friend here said what makes people like that. 


So I bought a new teal nail polish. the nurse who goes out and buys colors I have was asking about it. actually a nice man here picked it out when we were at manicures last year. 


Another day comes or perhaps I wake up in paradise.



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You are so right I visit visit visit no matter how small I feel the same way about her victories thanks for sharing you don't you always have friends with us you along with everyone else on this site heart in my prayers daily stay strong my friend stay strong

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Pam, it is not an easy life you live.  Family members often don't realise how important their visits are.  It was good your son came bringing news ( and pizza) to someone who can't get out to visit family. Or get pizza for themselves.  I wish i could get the families to come more regularly to the people I visit.  That would be maarvellous.

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