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Passing on Gift



I am going for more PT and speech. To go and be accountable. Just going is therapy. And b bring a food item back for later snack. fun. tomorrow will be good.


my bf  sent me a cloth crayon case. I do not use crayons if for color pencils I would keep cherish. .instead I gave it away.  the woman likes it for daughter. great. I like to get things but if I not like it I pass it on hoping someone may use it. It was super nice. I think a child will love it.  it made me cringe a bit. I adult color in designs pics for thin pencil or pens. ah the thought..... ok. 


I go tomorrow...off for fun future. pray I can do it.

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You will do it, it will be great to have a time away from the nursing home, someone new to talk to,  to discuss things with, maybe get some new insight into what is happening to you.  It will give you something new to think about, as you say maybe some different snacks.  And if you can get some improvement by this means that will be a hope for your future stability.  I will pray for you to be able to get the full benefit of this therapy Pam.

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