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Involuntary Tremor



I woke up with my hands moving unable to hold a cup of water. I was shaking. nurses saw me. I spill things but this was worse. I was scared. I was asking to go to hospital or see my doc here. I waited all day. My triage nurse at teaching hospital said go to ER. so people I asked them here to take me. they refused. so I waited 8 hours no o one came to see me.

I called 911.


I had a C T scan. He eased my mind. no activity. And it has stopped now.Relieved. I color again playcards,hold cups.  What was it? tremors gone wild



plus lack of support by head nurses here. others said send me big one said no. 

thank god i have my own phone.


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10 hours ago, ksmith said:

that is shameful, in my opinion, to have to wait that long


Whatever happened to do the right thing?  Kelli's right - that IS shameful!


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