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Well the day finally happened. My worst fear. I received a letter regarding my healthcare. I get a subsidy to help pay for my premiums to have insurance. I have to look at all my doctor’s share the same insurance, I also have to get a premium coverage that allows me to go out of state to a better hospital system that specializes in stroke. Well I have, as well as everyone who gets Social Security Disability, Medicare part A which basically covers hospital and other basic needs. I’ve never used Medicare for any coverage, for reasons I can’t get in too, legal, so this letter I have states because I have Medicare A I MUST get part B or C ( general healthcare)  and will have to get D ( prescription) coverage.  Ok so they say it would be less expensive to what I pay now… Which I know isn’t true, largely in part to the subsidy lowers my premium. Now that WOULD sound tempting however the coverage is spotty. The will decide if the medical need or procedure is deemed medically necessarily (per suits who sit behind a desk). I don’t know I’m very comfortable with that.
  The positive is I’m locked in until September 30 of this year. I would not have a chance to have my eyes operated on for they don’t cover eye exams so I would have never been granted the office visit for I would have to pay for it out of pocket. I know I just have to sit back and be happy for what I have and the chances out there. But with the repeal of marketplace (granter of Subsidy) I will again be charged and ‘pre-existing’ conditions which brings my premiums near to Cobra costs. Sucks when you’re on a fix income.
I sound like a spoiled brat but im just wanting the best for my life.

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Of course you are wanting best care and now there is so much concern that things will be harder to get. Yes you must go where they understand stroke.

Be your best advocate. We all do the same. It may be difficult but keep your eye on the prize.

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