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Memorial Day



We had veteran pinning ceremony. They forgot my friend in WWII. And a woman. I reminded them but then they said they would come to her room. But they gave a flag pin to my friend who said she was in 6 day war. And a Nigerian Refugee gave a speech. It was nice. They had muffins and I loved real coffee. We are not diverse here. Mostly white and Phillipino cna and nurses. We did a good job loving Veterans Day today. 


They put 3 beds in each room they could. But I am thankful I am in 2 bed room. my friends say they are crowded. I was in a 3 ned room until my friend wanted me as a roommate. She saved me. she passed. I am protected now. I prayer of thanks for her. You never know how your life touches another. I saved her she said. But she wanted me with her so I stayed here. Destiny.


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Thanks Jay but I did not write it for you. Again I bloghed about my day as it was. for myself. not looking for approval. 

In childrens play therapy we never use "nice".

my point is some of those blogs you did not like well i consider them to be cleansing and successful at getting me needed support. they were nice.

so it was that we accepted what a child created because to the child alone ownership belonged. This is not American Idol. vote somewhere else please. I think that star thing offends hurts is popularity??shall I mark all stars myself??


I will not worry if I get followed. I seek a deeper understanding here. a deeper acceptance. all of me in every color shade.


I feel like a monster now.

I am a resource for friends. I or my son donate share food or other stuff.

I am followed around by a woman here who wants a roommate but I will not go live with a schizoaffective. Right now I am fighting to feel proud I speak my truth despite censoring. 


I am encouraging to others. 

But my blog is about me my life my worldview. I may be dark or light but I am still acceptablre. I may fai l you with negative but I am true to myself.

Maybe ignore me.

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Pam, we all read the blogs for ourselves, at least I do.  I gain wisdom and  knowledge and confidence from reading what others write.  We all have up days and down days and sometimes I write from either side of the coin.  I just write for myself but also I think also listen to what others have to say.  I must admit to using "nice" as a generic term for whatever pleases me.  Me bad   :hug:

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I would never suggest that you log for me I simply suggested that you blog about those positive things that do happen in your life for you I believe positivity begets positivity I also believe in the beauty of every day I'll admit there are times I need to look a little harder but there is Beauty in every day be well my friend

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Pam :


I understand what Jay is trying to say & your point too. though from my own personal experience when I write positive things I find in my day, I feel better too. yes but its your personal blog, you can write whatever you want to write in it. whatever makes you feel good. for me reading & writing blogs both are therapeutic for me, reading others struggles I find my own inner strength to fight on.  & writing about my positives makes me feel good about my life, but that's my coping mechanism every one has their own style & I understand that.






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Pam I can only speak for myself but my blog like yours is me and my story, the way I feel, the good, the bad, anything I want to write and for me sometimes venting is necessary for me. Letting go of my negative and not holding it in is important for me. I have to get it out and that makes me feel better. I blog for me and I'm glad you blog for you. I don't feel that letting your negative out makes you a less positive person. A blog is personal and no one has to read it or follow it but it releases things I have no other positive way of releasing. I think it makes me more positive in real life which counts more than anything. Pam you let it out. I am not trying to be argumentative at all but I agree with Asha that we are individuals and each have our own way of coping with whatever comes our way and I encourage you to be and do you.

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Pam, I agree too, write what's on your mind; I've read some of your blogs that I felt were positive, and others where you share your emotional or physical pain.  As others have said, it's a very healthy way of coping; much better than keeping it bottled up inside.


A phrase you used in your first entry in this blog "You never know how your life touches another." definitely got my attention, and I can tell you how you've touched my life.  IMO, you have a very positive amount of fight against being treated without compassion and dignity.  You don't back down, and I've told you previously that I'm trying to emulate you.  I say bravo to you, dear lady, my friend!  


Jay, I just quickly scanned through this site's monthly newsletter that I always look forward to, and reread some of your poetry.  It's a beautiful mix of the tormented time we go through after a stroke, as well as how we eventually can see the positives in our lives.  So you made a slip-up, it was brought to your attention, and you acknowledged it.  Trust me, I've made slip-ups too (not going to mention how many, lol), but I've always been forgiven....the same to you, my friend!


I feel very fortunate to be a member of this site; we're all here for each other! :2thumbs:

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Thank you all for accepting me and allowing me "to Do Me" because I have counted on you all. 


BUT I do  also count on becoming a better version of this Me so I will take Jay and Asha to heart and forgive and be positive when I encounter misundersrandings in my life.


Truth be told

I have always believed and taught my children that for every 1 Ahaolian there are 2 kind compassionate persons to run into. So I look out for them. I always find them. Interesting we find what we look for. But sometimes we are on the middle of it.


OMG Linnie Thank You from bottom of my heart for telling me how I touched your life. It makes me glad to know others struggle with the same things I do. Now that does not sound nice!


But I often feel so alone or that I do not belong. I often feel ashamed of how I feel. So I am not surprised when someone says stop being negative. No one likes the sad clown. But here I have found a safe haven to express. And it is making me a better person because of all of you.


Tracy thank you for sharing your experience too. I agree I am positive in life after getting out the rage and that is what is important. And we have lots of emoicons on here to creatively express:grrrrr::no-way::angry::angry::#@</!!::mad-as-Hell:

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