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A Follower



I thought I made a new4rđws friend but I have a person who follows me around calls at dawn and acts ill when I visit with others. I first thought she was nice but I feel spied on and I feel smothered. I play 99cards wifth a 93 yr old and often share food with her. I was surprised  she watched from afar while I played cards with this friend. She just moved in the room  of my friend here.I stopped by because This friend stays in her room. she is glam but hides. She also speaks complaints to state and goes church so we have much to talk about. So we did. The lady turned into ill needing wet cloth on head. My friend said to me try talk to her she is jealous so I did my best to include her. But she said oh I sorry I have a panic  #panic  attack because the sun is too strong. So we closed curtain and we continued to talk but the woman continued to interupt needing nurse. I felt torn to  help or talk. I was irritated and I also believed the woman was having a panic attack. I do not know  why. I told my friend I loved her and that I needed to go polish another friend's nails. She loves my red and she rarely gets them done because she cannot holds still.ruins them. so I do it before she goes to bed. I do another woman too.  But The next morning when I did not show up in dining room I got a call from her I ignored. I ignored it.  I figure she is cared for and I slept. I miss being alone sometimes. 


This woman asked me to be her roommate at her apartment. I had talked to her twice. She said suffered from mental illness psychizoaffective. So I explained I have CPS and vestibular  problems to avoid any more talk. I found out she had twin sons and met one.


But she comes to my room and  acts concerned so it feels nice to have a buddy but then she gets upset when I sit with my gentleman friend at bingo and did not save her a seat when we sat together 2 years.


That made me upset to hear my gentleman did not get shower because not enough staff, he not told anyone, so you know me!


the staff tells me they have a voice

but they afraid to speak up,

I am powerless

but i can speak up truth here,

they know I will so they tell me their problems

am i here for this

my tears for myself,now for them

please let change come


there is jealous woman giving staff money jewelry to get shower

while a man goes without a shower bcuz no staff around,

I cannot bear to see injustices

worse when it is them not me,i cannot be silent as they tell me it is not my business


they pick up my friend off floor but no drink for her thirst,I can buy a pepsi



my collage is up for my picture, this is my latezt 1,I have 3 plus one in the works, one for daughter and first 1 that has more words,all different

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Pam, we all encounter a needy friend from time to time, no advice for you really.  I have found in most cases that if you are courteous and kind but firm about your need to be alone sometimes they either adapt to your routine or go and find someone else to follow around.  Like you I have many people I call friends and drop in on them to do a small kindness for them. I am not really a best friend person.  So some people who are looking for more than I can give do drop out of my life.  Which suits me fine. Hope you fnd this cools down and you have some peace.

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