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Definition of successful trip to the grocery store



Well today my definition is a successful trip to the grocery store I did run into anybody with my cart I did hit one display but I did knock it over so I think I was quite successful what do you think


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If they are silly enough to put those displays in the store aisles It's their problem not yours. I hate crowded shops with bits sticking out everywhere, my left arm knocks things over. I love to shop at the market. I think I cost some of the store holders more money than I spend, but as I said that's their problem not mine, and Banjo wouldn't even get into these stores the space left is so narrow.

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As a former wheelchair pusher I agree Heather, corner display stacks were a real hazard and the larger grocery stores could certainly do with some wider aisles. They just don't cater for wheelchairs. Banjo and Jay, just keep on practicing, don't give up.

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JB-HIFI in Sydney is the worse with cardboard aisle bins in every aisle,  have now given up with that store group.

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