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Are there really four Seasons?



It seems once again, here in the Midwest US.  Michigan Etc.  We bypassed spring.

last week our temperatures were in  in the 40 degrees F high temp daily, last two day it was 85 degrees F or higher.

We skipped spring no slow gradual increase in heat, to adjust.


Of course since my stroke, my body does not regulate temps, as I once did.


High temps, feel hotter and cold is colder.

Hard to determine appropriate attire when the day starts in low 40's up to 80 by mid afternoon.

I try to keep what might be needed in my backpack.


Alas every day is beautiful.

I'm happy to be alive and shiver in the cold and sweat in the heat.

I am so blessed to be here.

Have a great day




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I understand Jay. Fortunately for me being in middle Tennessee it seems the last 3-4 years have actually seen longer springs and falls. It's also like winter comes a tad later and stays a tad later. I have found it weird but nice sorta. Climate change I think is in effect.

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