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Humor helps



there is nothing funny about having a stroke, survival nor recovery.But there are humorous situations that come about and laughter helps get me through.


At a Support group meeting this week, we discussed how we tried to "cheat" during therapy, and always got caught by our therapist or doctor.

For example; Fine motor  nuts and bolts, Holding the bolt with affected hand and using good hand to quickly turn the nut, of course faster than we could the other way, and the OT calls you out.

At my doctor's appointment last year, my doc asked my to walk across the room and back.

My wife said, oh he's just showing off for you, he's always dragging that left foot.

I said mostly at the end of the day.


I was seated and doc said show me the soles of your shoes.

She said oh the soles don't lie, you have been dragging that foot along time.


Busted, I know they have seen and  heard every story before, they can't be fooled.






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My husband used to cheat when he had a blood sugar test by hardly eating anything the day before so his clever doctor would do a test in his rooms - whoops!  I used to tell him "your body will always make a fool of you"...lol.

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