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My Art on my walls



Lately I have had a few visitors come by plus a new priest and they commented on my old collage posters and watercolors that decorate my room. I am amazed they like what was some magazine pictures pasted on posterboard  And then as we talked I learned they liked the sayings I put there and the themes. I had a low time when my identity seemed to change or dissappear and I needed to talk but the feelings would not come,so I had art. Now these remind me of women passed away who were my companions then and one also made them. She wanted hers to be like mine.  Now I like to add coloring pages with magazines cut outs. I am amazed the glue stick worked nothing fell off in a year. I had things going on. milestones. And they say I should lead a class. I Say Art picks you and is there to sooth calm and bring healing when you think you cannot create. For me it is fun and helps my vision.


I got acrylic nails! I chose a coral pink but the gel was a neon pink once on!  But I said Ok the universe gave us brighter color and I proudly showed I was outside my comfort zone doing some growth. Now someone criticized I picked a young color. Indeed I agree it is bright and young, not my first choice so out of pastels or red. I have many compliments too,but I feel insecure now is what I like not good enough.  You see I have not had long bright artificial nails in forever or ever. not really! And this is fun! I got flowers on my toes even!  I enjoyed a good pedicure for health reasons clean around toenails trim cutoicles and I also miss a great nail set. Why not who cares if I try out a long length I never thought I could do anything with,now I have maids and servents at the snf!  Well you know some were not approaving! Well I think they want me to only feel pain and never pleasure so phooey on them! I am going for the rest of my spa promised to me by good son. In morning he comes to take me to hair salon! I have thin hair but a new color can fix it up nice! 


someone said you leave here?


I replied It is not prison!


I Will see a movie and eat out.

I feel pain sometimes but less and I want to go! 

Why cannot they rejoice too?


My communion lady loved my long nails and reccommendeed the steak house so there! I bought new shirts and pants all soft material like they have now.


I go to therapy outside of here too🌴



I feel better and a sign is trying look nicer and the office girls are behind times, we want to be old and trendy too!


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Hi Pam  I say go for it!!  What's wrong with a bright colour if it makes you feel good.  Defy stereotypes, have fun, FEEL GOOD.  They are just jealous that you have someone who will take you out of the box when they have to stay in.


If you can start an Art Therapy program or encourage the management to arrange one that would be good for everyone.  One of the best spots in my days when I was at inpatient rehab was art therapy.  They had a dedicated art room with all the equipment and an art teacher with an assistant who came in for 2 hours twice a week and helped so that everyone could participate. and it's amazing what can be done with a glue stick and some scissors if someone isn't feeling up to fine work. They had some very clever stands to hold things so those of us limited to wheelchairs could draw comfortably and sessions were open to all areas of the hospital including the outpatients if they had a way to get there. Each year they hold an art show and they take a selection of the work created that year and get it properly framed and the artists all get invited to opening night. It was fun!

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I agree, art therapy is great.  There was art therapy in the nursing home Mum was in and the one Ray was in.  There are many forms of art so something for everyone and if you can help to make someone else feel good through art why not do so?  The nails sound just right for you, sure sometimes we don't fit into the age category that others want to put us in but that is our business and an expression of our own personalities.  Good for you.

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