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Going Out




I went to dinner on 4th and saw fireworks out the window. I walked around stores and bought a bracelet gift from son and outfit for our future roadtrip we are discussing now. I am not good in sun or when tired but I want to be alive. I want beauty stuff. OMG I put on false eyelashes! A nurse here checked me before I left to dine out to make sure I was presentable lol! Not crazy looking! My son was pleased and liked I had nails...did not notice eyes either hahaha! It was hard walking in the crowded bar.  I told son I felt too many young people so I not belong and he said too many older people hahaha! 


I walked in theater...big accomplishment and sat in recliner seats with a tray which was so great...where was this years ago for kids. I was in heaven living normal.


I look forward to going out again. thanks to the spinal pain relief. but it takes days to recover sleeping.


but worth it.



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Pam :


glad you had  great time outside with your son.  this is our new life post stroke slowly needs to add all what we like it in.




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