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Where did my blogs go



In August I will go  go to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe with my son. I am excited and ans axious too. I have not been up high since stroke. We are driving again. He is going to be my caregiver. He said bring the wheelchair and he will push me at the accessible sites. We have accessible rooms with bathrooms reserved guaranteed. hooray not navigating a tub shower again may be nice. Visually I look fone but....


so my wide brimmed hat awaits with my semmer scarf with tassles. my answer to hiding from the sun. I keep light fingerless hand warmers to hide hands but use them.


I bought a wardrobe just to go.

Son said go light. He means not extra bags. so i will take a clothing toiletry bag that zips. With a toiletry bag I purchased online that is round and I filled with travel sized fav 65. And my tote from a window display last year stuff from a sunny caliya vacay. Sunny simple

bright thinhs.


2 other blogs missing. mystery. now what did i do.


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When I went into the mountains when I went to Virginia, I was so dizzy for the changes in elevation. I hope that does not happen to you AND you have the best time seeing natures beauty 

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wow Pam :


are you flying to CA to go to yosemite & lake tahao both beautiful places I am sure you are going to have lot of fun. take lot of pictures & update us. did you by accident deleted your old blogs?




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yup Keli I hate looking out from second story...makes me dizzy nausea...so I hope to overcome..avoid.


I live in So Cal and I am driving there in a wonderous loop staying at hotels and visiting places handicap accessible. I prefer a car.

We plot out all the McD pitt stops for me and keep the tank topped off. all good on our road trips. but now I do not drive. I miss that. But my son loves to drive. We have water and food and blankets. That is hotel emergency kit.

I want buffet food. I like sightseeing from a car. Lots of miles on me.


I will be wary of the elevation...yet my stroke was a block not a burst...but hoping a safe journey.


I am a block from the ocean and will drive again to the mountains but far away. It is wonderful place to go and I am excited. 


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