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Majestic Beauty



This trip IS my early retirement, moments I said I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing, good food no regrets, enjoing time space with loved ones, speaking out for Accessibility, Being....beauty, pampering,experiencing...total Hedonism.

I live with daily pain but I persue pleasure. 


My friend has pneumonia,is 95, says she ready to go....she led women in exercises in airforce in WWII......She taught me card games, i shared food and company, i visited, provided cards, she wouls see me and say where,ve you been???? I will miss her, hope someday I will see her on other side and she will say that to me again. I pray for her peaceful passing. Hard to be here in midst of this. I said no more friends here but once again I feel loss,lost,left, God help me.


As long as I am here I will seek magnificient thing, go live.


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Sometimes I want to cross the miles and be right there with you to give you a hug.  I know the pain of loss, I experience it through my nursing home visits, visiting a person for years and then they go.  It is sad but the great thing is to have had those times with them, talking and laughing with them when we first encountered, then as they go silent just sitting and being with them. I remember the  laughing times and am glad I knew them back then.  BUT it tears at my heart sometimes to see the changes in them and I have to remember to just be thankful for the privilege of being a small part of their lives. As I am grateful for being a part of yours.  (((Hugs))) 

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Hugs back to you Sue. It is brave to visit. You care and that is felt as a cool color surrounding them in love. It is rare talent to give that to others. I am glad you get so much back.

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