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realizing some of the good qualities in myself



I am usually very happy go person, but lately I m realizing I am being more kind to myself & realizing some of the positive qualities in me which I never noticed before since I was always so focused on other negative things like not pretty enough or fashionable enough or smart enough, you get the zist. but lately I m realizing one of few very good qualities about me, which in turn makes me succeed in things  I set out to do.  first thing important thing I noticed if something matters to me dearly I will be very persistent in efforts to achieve those goals. so I don't give up. yes things do frustrates me sometimes but I will stick it out & won't quit till I find solution for it. yes I will irritate few people in pursuit of finishing what I m set out to do. & ofcourse my sense of humor, I can take good joke on me. now that I noticed that positive aspects about  me, I am beginning to like me & realizing that all family members & friends who chose to stay by me even in my worst period did it, cause I am worth it & we all are reaping joy of having each other in our life.




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Asha, what you say is very true, those people who stood by us through thick and thin did so because they saw something in us that was worth the effort they put into the friendship.  Yes, we all have times of comparing ourselves to others and wondering if we are *whatever* compared to that special someone.  What we forget is that we all have unique qualities,something special about us that that other person does not so we are okay as we are.

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